Smart & Skilled

Smart and Skilled – Training Subsidised by NSW Government

Smart and Skilled is a reform of the NSW vocational education and training (VET) system. Smart and Skilled started from 1 January 2015 and continues in 2017. 

Smart and Skilled provides eligible students with government funding for higher-level courses such as:

Fee Exemptions and Concessions

Fee exemptions are available for disadvantaged students so they can access Smart and Skilled courses.Students with disabilities may be exempt from fees for any Smart and Skilled courses. Welfare recipient students who receive Australian Government welfare, may qualify for a concession fee when you enrol in a Smart and Skilled course.Eligible Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) students do not pay for fees under Smart and Skilled.

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Am I Eligible for Smart and Skilled?

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What is a Unique Student Identifier and Do I Need One?

All students undertaking Nationally Recognised Training in Australia must have a Unique Student Identifier, or USI. A USI is a unique reference number, allowing you access to your student records in one place.

For more information about USI

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