Corporate Training

Rely on Our Project Management Experience to Meet Your Corporate Training Needs

Living Planit has been providing high quality corporate Project Management training across diverse industries and professions for 15 years.

Project Management is sometimes seen as restrictive and stifling innovation, yet we have revised designs and proposals to support new technology and work environments. We have developed ‘soft’ Project Management initiatives and training in prominent organisational areas, including planning and implementing the policies of the Wood Royal Commission, and facilitating the organisational restructure of the NSW Rural Fire Service.

We offer private courses for organisations that prefer training to be tailored to their industry and/or internal Project Management methodology. This can be an efficient and highly effective way to develop your team, at the time and location of your choice. It also allows open discussion of commercial examples.

Nationally Recognised Training Courses

The following nationally recognised qualifications are issued by Living Planit (RTO ID 40552)

  • BSB41515 Certificate IV in Project Management
  • BSB51415 Diploma of Project Management
  • BSB61215 Advanced Diploma of Program Management
  • BSB80415 Graduate Diploma of Portfolio Management

Customised Courses for your Organisation

Living Planit can also develop customised short courses in Project Management to suit your corporate training needs.

Customisation includes :

  • Incorporating your templates and process maps into training
  • Developing case studies and activities that reflect the type of projects that your organisation delivers
  • Adapting terminology and language
  • Incorporating guest lectures from experienced people in your organisation or industry
  • Branding participant manuals with your corporate logo.

Intensive classes

Living Planit trainers can offer small intensive classes for corporate clients. Intensively training for a team or management group can accelerate their implementation of best practice. The US air force considers small class training to be invaluable for increasing student motivation through greater involvement and participation”. The intensive experience provided in small classes allows students to:

  • Gain a deeper more personalised understanding of course content
  • Be more motivated and involved
  • Apply concepts and information to real problems
  • Workshop ideas in detail about how to apply acquired knowledge
  • Be more committed to using new recommended techniques to handle workplace problems
  • Emphasise important issues specific to your organisation.