GAPPS Certification

GAPPS Certification

Want to work overseas? We can help you achieve an internationally recognised Project Management certification. The Global Alliance for Project Performance Standards (GAPPS) sets a standard for Project Manager certification recognised by every member country that has a standard in the Project Management industry. GAPPS certified individuals can work as Project Managers in any member country around the world.

A GAPPS Approved Assessor from Living Planit can guide you to prepare a portfolio of evidence for GAPPS assessment. Assessment involves a two hour interview based on your portfolio.

The competency model used by the Global Alliance for Project Performance Standards (GAPPS) assesses Project Managers based on the complexity of the projects they have worked with. GAPPS Certification is awarded as follows:

  • Project Manager of moderately complex projects – Global Level 1 Project Manager
  • Project Manager of highly complex projects – Global Level 2 Project Manager
  • Program Manager of All Programs – Global Program Manager.

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