Corporate Social Responsibility

A Sustainable Organisation

Living Planit is committed to environmental and social responsibility. We practice and actively promote a culture of sustainability by:

  • Employing expert local trainers to avoid unnecessary travel
  • Printing training manuals to order – when course content is updated there is no reprinting or disposal of materials
  • Providing reading materials electronically where possible
  • Buying recycled materials, including paper
  • Incorporating sustainability themes in training, including:
    • Environmental risk management
    • Environmental legislation including the Protection of the
    • Environment Operations Act
    • Adding ‘reuse’ to conventional make/team/buy decisions
    • Cradle-to-cradle methodology
    • Through-life sustainability for project products
  • Encouraging mentoring and development of less experienced staff and team members.

We believe Project Management is an inherently sustainable practice.  Well managed projects save time, money, and resources, and result in healthier people and organisations with more satisfied customers.